Should you own an airsoft pistol as a sidearm?

This is a dilemma pondered by many airsoft players who are trying to make sure their game is always as good as it could be. To answer this question first we need to understand what’s the tactical purpose of having any sidearm. Your first thought may be connected to the idea of a ’backup’ weapon but it’s not that simple. Pistols are essential sidearms and in the following sections, I will try to give you some reasons regarding the importance of owning an airsoft pistol on the battlefield.

1. Maneuverability

The most important reason that comes to mind is the essential characteristic of a trusty sidearm, its maneuverability. Having a sidearm like a pistol helps you defend yourself from close quarters assaults when your primary weapon doesn’t cut it for this kind of encounters. When you find yourself in this kind of situations especially if you are an airsoft sniper, for example, a pistol can get you out of the mess. It can be quickly maneuvered allowing the user to stay in the fight longer because we are all familiar with a primary weapon that goes awry at the worst of times. Switching rapidly to a pistol is also one great advantage when shooting offhand as the need to switch the weapon to a different shoulder and lining up your sights again is basically eliminated.

2. Affordability

An entry-level sidearm shouldn’t cost too much, there are great options to be found on the market and considering the upper hand a pistol can provide, it’s worth giving it a shot. In case you are a bit overwhelmed with the current airsoft pistols and you’re not very sure which is the right choice for you, take a look at this article with a great selection of airsoft pistols and handguns, or see other types of airsoft guns on their site:

3. Looks

Let’s face it, pistols are cool, and they make you feel quite intimidating. Just imagine running down some corridors dual wielding pistols with extended mags and silencers, how awesome is that? Ultimately, this comes down to personal preference but owning a sidearm doesn’t always have to mean a tactical advantage, it’s also a great looking weapon for those sleek moments when you just want to have some good old fun.

I think these reasons are worth considering in case you are having trouble deciding whether you should own a sidearm pistol for airsoft or not. A pistol not only looks very cool and it’s a pleasure to use but it gives you an extra edge on the battlefield and provides some much-needed flexibility and maneuverability. They are relatively inexpensive and easy to use properly. To be honest it sounds like a strong investment but you have to decide for yourself if pistols are the kind of weapons you intend to use. They will make a difference in the most unexpected situations so be sure to count on that.